10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking

Published: 10th March 2009
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Even if you do not think you have a problem with alcohol or do not drink regularly, there are many reasons why you should quit drinking entirely. The fact of the matter is that alcohol is an addictive substance, one that causes over 100,000 preventable deaths each year. Even if you do not have a problem with controlling your drinking, you may want to consider quitting completely because of the reasons below:

1. Health Problems: Prolonged or excessive drinking can lead to serious health problems such as liver damage, heart disease, and a decreased ability to fight off infections. The claimed health benefits of having a glass of red wine are not nearly as beneficial as other things you can do for yourself, such as drinking freshly made vegetable juice or exercising regularly.

2. Alcohol is Addictive: Many people underestimate how addictive alcohol can be. A person who drinks more than 4 times per week for just a few months may find themselves physically dependent on alcohol. The more tolerance they build, the more they need to drink, and the more dependent on alcohol one becomes.

3. Alcohol Does Not Make You More Social: Many people start drinking to "lighten up" at parties and in social situations. However, if you continue to drink regularly, you will find that alcohol actually makes you less social, since going out with friends or family would seriously impede on your drinking time.

4. Friends and Family Will Be Affected: When you are under the influence of alcohol, you are not yourself. This can cause strained relationships between friends and family and a lot of unnecessary arguments.

5. Drinking is an Expensive Habit: The cost of going out to a bar may be anywhere between $10-$20 just for one person. Alcohol is also expensive even if you purchase it at stores to drink at home. You can save hundreds of dollars by quitting drinking.

6. Drinking Can Cause You to to Be an Unhealthy Weight: Many types of alcohol are made from sugars. Sugar for many people causes them to gain weight. Alcohol can also cause you to get poor nutrition if you are substituting alcohol for meals. This can cause you to gain weight excessively, or it can also cause to become sickly thin. Either way, it does not promote a healthy weight!

7. Nothing Will Seem Fun Anymore: When you drink to have fun, you'll find that activities you once enjoyed are not as fun without alcohol. Unfortunately, if you become dependent on alcohol, the fun or good feelings from drinking disappear and will be replaced with feelings of nausea and other alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

8. Legal Problems: It only takes two drinks for most people to be past the legal limit to drive in most states. A DUI can result in hefty fines, jail time, or even losing your license. These consequences are not nearly as devastating however as the 50,000 people killed each year from drunk driving.

9. Binge Drinking is Dangerous, too: Many people think that it is okay to binge drink, where they may not drink every day or even every week, but just once in awhile. Unfortunately, when binge drinking, one can drink too much alcohol and can possibly suffer from alcohol poisoning, which can also be fatal.

10. You Will Feel Better: When you quit drinking entirely, you will find yourself being able to think and concentrate better. You will never have another hangover. You have control over your own life.

These reasons on why you should quit drinking may seem a little severe at first, but it is important for people to understand what a serious problem alcohol abuse and alcoholism are. Alcoholism starts with just one drink - it ends with the last.

If you are concerned about your drinking, learning the

signs of an alcoholic and these tips on

how to slowly cut down on alcohol may be of great help to you. Alcoholism is a preventable disease - by quitting drinking before you are even addicted you can help save one very important life: your own!

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